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New Update: Celebrity Antiques Road Trip 24th May 2015
Yes we have been filmed again for this popular show on the BBC, today we were hosts to Bobby Ball and Paul Laidlaw. What a day! I have never laughed so much, Bobby you were awesome and you too Paul!! I can't reveal any details but we had great fun and the show will be televised sometime in September, you will not want to miss it. 

Hemswell Antiques Centre
To access my items on the Hemswell website just click on browse antiques and then view all dealers and either find me alphabetically or by my number 886 and this will enable you to see items I have for sale. Please note this will only be a small proportion of what is actually for sale, if you are looking for something specific then please email me with details. 

Hemswell Antiques Centre
We are now open 7 days a week in BUILDING 1 in The Hemswell Antiques Centre, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire DN21 5TJ. We are located on the ground floor in Room 2 no. 886. We stock antique furniture and small decorative antiques including chests of drawers, armchairs, upholstered items of furniture, mirrors , crystal drinking glasses and decanters, various small items of interest. The stock changes very quickly so if you have seen something then please get in touch, most items are photographed on the Hemswell website, items that are listed on this website are marked accordingly to location. 
We also have a large area in the flagship store THE GUARDROOM. We are on the ground floor as you go through the door just look
over to your right and there we are with lots of lovely items of furniture including tartan chairs, chests of drawers and some beautiful glassware, lighting and mirrors.
Come and have a look at both our shops at Hemswell, make a day of it, both my buildings have restaurant and coffee shop facilities.
New to Crowsnest Antiques! I now have a Facebook page where you can find out my day to day activities in this business. As soon as I work out how to do it I will display the Facebook logo!


The Road Trip filming came once again to Crowsnest Antiques last week. We had a new addition this time - A Celebrity - who was Shaun Williamson aka Barry Evans from Eastenders who was great fun and antiques expert Paul Laidlaw who was a fantastic expert to work with. Pateley Bridge must have wondered what was happening on a sleepy Sunday morning! Anyway I can't tell you too much as it will spoil the suprise when its televised but  we had great fun doing it and it is hugely funny, if they keep those bits in! I'm not sure when it will be on the telly but the BBC will ring me when its coming up, they think it will be some time in the autumn so watch this space, I will post it on my home page and on my facebook and in the shop window of course. If all you guys from the filming read this - thanks you were awesome! X  UPDATE: The episode is being televised on BBC2 7.00PM MONDAY 18TH NOVEMBER so don't forget to watch is should be good!!!

Comic Relief Red Nose Day BAKE SALE 16th March 2013

Well what a day!! We were busy from the off with people queuing to get in from 10am. Becky was busy trying to put everthing out with me and as fast as we were doing that Emily our sales superwoman was selling them all! We had Guiness cupcakes, death by chocholate cupcakes, rose cupcakes, lavender cupcakes and the wonderful maple and peacan cupcakes yummy yummy! There was bakewell tarts, lime and ginger drizzle cakes, rolo cookies, white chocolate cookies all made with butter and fresh eggs from the butchers next door,the list goes on, phew I was exhausted, all that baking. My favourite cake of the day was and interesting combination of courgettes and walnuts I tried it out on my hubby who thought it was just gorgeous, it makes a very moist cake and delicious too. We had lots of large cakes so alot of people were thankful that we offered to sell half or a quarter of a large cake. We were all tired at the end of the day but it was so successful that we have decided to do it all again next year, I just think that we are all closet bakers! And it didnt stop there, an office in Leeds who were working on that day asked me to bake for them so yes, I baked some more! All of which were devoured in 30mins or so I am told, and of course I nearly forgot, the final total...........we raised a massive £753!!! THANK YOU ALL!!xxxxx
UPDATE: We will be doing this all again next year! So if you know of a Children's charity that gets little or no funding and would benefit from a little help please let us know.


Yes! We are doing it all over again. Its all hands on deck busy planning our cakes, new bakes this year and the favourites from last year. Becky already has orders for her Guiness cupcakes, I have an order for a very large party cake, oh dear my poor hubby who wakes up every morning to a kitchen full of baking!
This year its Sport Relief, but as some of you know I have been looking for a small children's charity to support and I have just found a very worthy cause. A local couple have a beautiful 7month old baby girl called Thea who has MPS1 Hurler Syndrome. This is a very rare degenerative disease which only has a life expectancy of between 5 and 10 years old. I have been reliably informed that the chances of having this gene disease is 1:200,000 so its very rare. Thea's survival depends on a very grueling marrow bone transplant. Need I say more. If you would like to read the full details and their story then please go to my Crowsnest Antiques Facebook page where I have posted the details from the Yorkshire Post newspaper. It is my intention to split our fundraising between Sport Relief and The Thea Paterson Trust, I'm sure you will all agree that these are both very worthy causes. All our cakes etc. are homebaked with fresh ingredients, butter, local eggs and good quality chocolate and all our efforts, time and ingredients etc.. are all given free of charge, we don't price anything, all we ask is for a voluntary contribution towards the charities. So come along and see us, we try to make it fun and we do get a little giddy and go off down the High Street in our pinny's selling our wares so there is no escape! We might even put the kettle on!